Opinion: Time to abandon ‘resilience’ as a concept?

In this piece Neil Mackenzie, Head of Advice & Representation at Sheffield Students’​ Union, argues that the automatic acceptance of ‘resilience’ as an agenda may work against students’ interests in the long term. Over the past few years we’ve all heard an emergent narrative about ‘Snowflakes’. The argument goes this generation- especially students, are so […]

Opinion: No more meetings bloody meetings?

In students’ unions, General Meetings and Union Councils have been the staple of policy making for decades; and before mass electronic communication became common place, these meetings were the easiest way of gathering opinion, debating topics, and voting on policies. In this piece a former MMU sabb argues that Q26 and technology may mean that […]

Opinion: We’re surrounded (by excellent people)

Here NUS Development Consultant and Governance Expert Al Powell explains why he thinks that career staff in students’ unions should be charity trustees. Trusteeship and governance are talked about a lot in the student movement- and for all the right reasons. Students’ unions set an excellent example of how to run charities, but we don’t […]

Student Misconduct Guidelines- Unintended Consequences?

UUK has launched work from its taskforce on Sexual Harassment and Assault, and the new guidance on a code of practice for disciplinary processes may be needed and welcomed with the changes in legislation over the last twenty years. Just as interesting is the explicit mention in the materials of students as ‘customers’ and the […]

Our Sector: Sabbs- what can we do to help them?

So the proposition here is – should sabbatical officers continue a tradition of representing the operations and services of the students union or give voice, amplify and join together the issues of students.

Our sector: Should unions run bars?

It’s now a year since I took over as Chief Exec at UEA, so I thought I’d do my bit for ChangeSU and write something about what it’s been like moving into the CEO role in a Students’ Union. Before I came to Norwich I worked for NUS for 11 years (and worked for an […]

Our sector: Crisis what crisis?

Mark Southwell (former Education Development Worker) & Bill Howe (former Student Advice and Development Manager); both worked at Leeds Metropolitan University Students’ Union in the late 90s and early 00s. In this classic article from the AMSU Agenda archives, Mark and Bill reflect on the past and predict the future. Did their predictions come true? […]