Read This: ACUI’s What’s New?

Each year, ACUI gathers the inventive programs and services recently introduced in US college unions and student activities. Among these may be new events, organizations, amenities, or campaigns implemented to better meet the needs of today’s campus communities. The ideas featured represent just a few of the many creative solutions professionals and students have undertaken in […]

Read This: What to Expect from Gen Z

The New Grads Entering the Workforce in 2016 are often labelled “Generation Z” Generation Z is the generation born between 1994 and 2010. The first wave will be entering the workforce in 2016. More than 3 in 4 believe they will need to work harder compared to past generations to have a satisfying and fulfilling professional […]

Read This: Ebola and Universities

A number of colleagues will be involved in local discussions re Ebola. Public Health England have issued updated advice to HEIs and FEIs.

Read This: Student Number Controls

The latest report from the Higher Education Policy Institute, “A guide to the removal of student number controls” was published on 18th September 2014. For managers in SUs wanting to understand the latest dynamics in the HE recruitment marketplace, it’s essential reading. Supporting officers to ask questions about the University’s UG numbers strategy is critically […]

Read This: Beyond Reserves

A recent investigation by the Charity Commission into negative balance sheets found that 10 per cent of the charities they reviewed were experiencing real financial difficulties. Holding financial reserves has traditionally been seen as a way of managing this risk; but the evidence shows that this is not working for many charities. In 2012 Kate […]

Read This: Designing genuinely student-centred higher education

The Student Deal: designing genuinely student-centred higher education incorporates thinking on current issues and challenges in higher education. Reflecting the changing dynamics of the higher education system, The Student Deal challenges the limitations of the current thinking about students-as-customers, and the related emphasis on student satisfaction and student journeys. The challenge for universities is to […]

Read This: Steal this idea

“Steal this Idea” is ACUI’s contest seeking the best marketing and promotion ideas. Judges from around the United States examine all the entries, choosing placements for both students and professionals, in addition to the Best of Show. Entries are judged on concept, design, editorial content, and effectiveness. This year, 316 entries were received from 41 schools, […]

Read This: SU societies are where you find talent

Hat Tip to Jaki Booth at Sheffield SU New research by Voxburner for RBS Inspiring Enterprise reveals that the secret to finding enterprising and highly skilled talent lies not in the lecture hall but rather “in the extra-curricular world of student societies” The research was conducted to understand more about students’ recognition of their enterprising skills […]

Read This: 14 Trends for 2014

Pope Francis’ master branding, boomers rethinking the meaning of life to an unparalleled degree, the age of millennials being truly upon us—it’s all in Marian Salzman’s Annual Trends Report. Her methodology, pattern recognition, has been responsible for the launch or popularization of trends ranging from singletons and metrosexuality to hyperlocalization. Here are previews of four […]