Elsewhere: Six issues we should be talking about at the next election

At a recent NESTA event speakers from a range of fields and disciplines outlined the long-term trends that are affecting the economy, society, and the workplace, and which are likely to have significant impact regardless of the colour(s) of government after next May’s general election. Five of the most pressing trends are highly relevant for […]

Research: Doing it better in SUs

Let me tell you a story. It’s a fairly innocuous story, but at the time it struck me. It requires some patience, and a little bit of background about the University of Nottingham. Nottingham is a multi-campus university: we have several campuses across Nottingham, some presence in China and Malaysia, and some healthcare presence in […]

Our Sector: Gen Z- Unlike the Generation Before

For a decade, society has been talking about the generational shift wrought by Millennials or “Generation Y.” Now that most of Gen Y has graduated and advanced in the workforce, it’s time for Gen Z to take the spotlight. This new generation was Z – defined as those under the age of 18—about 26% of […]

Our Sector: The Values Crossroads

How many students’ unions are consciously working to reinforce certain values in their members? By explaining how values work and drawing on examples from trade unions and the international development sector, NUS’ James Robertson explains that it’s possible to illustrate the importance of consciously working to strengthen certain types of values in our memberships. The […]

Our Sector: The War on SUs

As NUS looks forward to 2024 to secure the future of SUs, its Director of Internationalism and Devolved Nations Mike Day looks back at the long road that led to the 1994 Education Act. For the last two decades, student officers, have, during their induction, had their attention drawn to their responsibilities under the Education […]