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Read This: ACUI’s 2015 Renovation and Construction Showcase

Every year ACUI (Association of College Unions International) publishes a Renovation and Construction Showcase. 2015’s has been released and it paints a fascinating picture of student union buildings over the pond.

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  1. I think this is a great piece of work and the US really set a standard for student focussed facilities. It would be great for the UK to do a similar piece on recent student centres and union building developments – I will suggest something to Richard Brooks and the UD team. We are embarking on initial scoping for a new building and this king of research is key. Having a UK case study on the market’s capital developments and design would be hugely helpful. Also to assess/ indicate their impact on footfall, student satisfaction and graduates employability would be beneficial.

  2. Agree with Matt. Would be hugely useful data to have at the moment and there have been some great buildings erected in the last few years. Trent’s is nice and Manchester Met has a great space. Officers have a way of influencing NUS workload through conference, how do Union staff make recommendations?

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