Introduction from Jim

Over the past year UEASU has been lucky enough to benefit from a number of external bits of help- I’ve had colleagues facilitate my management team away day, return our election, facilitate our sabb team group 360 feedback discussion, serve on a disciplinary panel and advise on our Governance. For my own part I’ve both given time back to the Union that gave me help (or promised to do so), delivered some mentoring and encouraged my senior team to do some SU volunteering too.

These sorts of things are going on ad hoc around the country and it’s a great way to ensure we are both pooling our skills as a sector, and getting CEOs and senior teams out of the office engaging with and collaborating with other unions. The problem with it all being ad hoc is that new people in our sector aren’t tapped into the personal networks that enable this to work really effectively; and we don’t necessarily know the skills that are out there that we could all benefit from.

So a group of unions are experimenting with a more formal “time banking” scheme. We are establishing and developing a pilot volunteering network of students’ union leaders where participating unions commit to giving X amount of time from their senior team a year, in exchange for that back.

Students’ Union Timebanking- Principles

  • The trial will run May 2017- Dec 2017
  • This is very much about getting beyond CEOs and into wider senior teams- you should enrol your key people not just the CEO
  • This is about sharing expertise/support/specific training/projects etc- you don’t have to be an absolute expert to take part (and so if you want “proper consultancy” you should go buy it!)
  • We will be careful about matching to ensure that people aren’t plunged in “out of their depth”
  • UEASU will host the admin for the trial and triage requests for support from the bank
  • You can take out what you put in, but as a baseline commitment you are committing to three days work from each of your Senior Team
  • That means as a guide you should only look to take three days out per members of of your team
  • The receiving Union pays for travel/accommodation for an assignment

How to “buy time” from the bank

  • Identify the work or support that you would like- the starter list is below
  • If you have a need not on the list email changesu@outlook.com and we will try to identify someone from the bank
  • Look at the list of people that have signed up as able to support in that area and try to identify 3-4 on a shortlist
  • Email changesu@outlook.com and we will set up a match, do the banking admin and suggest any parameters
  • Jim’s team at UEASU will keep scores on days in and out for each union over the period of the trial. They’ll also collate feedback on your experiences of giving in and getting time out from the bank.

Starter List

Other areas that people have mentioned (email in for details):

Volunteering, Internal Communications, Turning activity into Impact and Outcomes, Management / Staff Team Building, Student-led learning and teaching designs, Student Voice / Institutional Dialogue stuff, Website (re)development, Crisis communications, Decentralising communications to other teams, Relationship Building with stakeholders, How to cope with just one staff member and sabbs, Strategies when you don’t have your own space, Inclusion projects for ‘hard to reach’ groups, Process Improvement, External Speakers, Activities Development, Student Skills Development, Funding Bids, Safeguarding, Building resilience, Talent Development, Digital engagement and competence, Digital strategy development, Student Voice, Representation and Programme Rep, Crowdfunding, Sustainability Strategy Advice, Turnaround plans, Using data and insight, Creative facilitation – fun sessions, Student Staff/Intern Development, Prevent and interfaith work, Beyoncé dancing lesson, Musical workshop (learn to sing a song/rhythm & basic percussion/song-writing), Leadership & Team Building training, Translating Strategy to Operational Planning, Building Resilience, Topical SU comedy